Happily Ever Clement!

 “On the weekend of our two-year anniversary, he planned for us to go parasailing. That Saturday July 25th, we headed towards the beach and all seemed “normal.” We checked in and boarded the boat with excitement. There were 3 other couples, 2 friends and us aboard.  We watched as 3 couples went and then it was our turn. It was an adrenaline rush, but once we were settled in the air things were calm and relaxing. My now fiancé starts fidgeting around and so cautiously I tell him to keep his hands on the strap. He didn’t listen. He asks me to extend my hand and then proposes to me. I’m totally in shock, and excited. I said Yes! As he tries to place the ring on my finger, he misses and it drops from his hand into the ocean. My heart dropped. I’m panicking and he’s in disbelief. The other couples saw and were totally embarrassed for us.”